Winter tips for dogs

Posted on by Pagosa Feed and Nursery

Toby & Skippy 72 dpiDogs love to go everywhere with us – in good weather and bad.  There are a few things you can do to make their time with you great.

If your dog is shivering they are cold.  A dog jacket is an easy solution. We have jackets that are just a nylon shell, others that have a fleece lining.  We carry dog jackets for toy breeds through XXL dogs. Ruffwear makes high quality dog jackets that can take the wear and tear.

Ruff Wear FW1105501_ClimateChanger_BurntOrange_Right_CategoryImage

303D_LPCIf your dog is limping because the snow has frozen on their paws, boots can help.  Ultra Paws makes a good quality boot that’s not expensive. Dogs walk funny when you first put them on; but if you just walk off with your dog, he or she will get used to them.  If your dog runs hard, they can fling the boots off.  If that happens, put a strip of vet wrap around the top to keep them on.

Water is always important so be sure to take some for your dog. If you are planning a big day of exercise, be sure to feed a little more at mealtime.   If you are bringing a snack or meal, take some treats for your dog.

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