Winter Bird List

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Below is my winter Project Feederwatch birding list of bird species. Project Feederwatch is a citizen science program run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Two consecutive days a week throughout the winter one counts all the birds at their feeders and uploads the information to the Lab’s website.  This information from across the country helps scientists determine trends, changes and what conservation action needs to take place to save our winter birds and their habitat.

A goldfinch, h. finch

From my weekly count I have developed a list of common birds you should see if you feed the wild birds here in Pagosa Springs. There are approximately 100 species of wintering birds in Pagosa Springs that are considered resident birds and stay all year.  This means they do not leave (migrate) in the fall to somewhere warmer and then come back in the spring.

I regularly see 26 different species at my feeders.  The Audubon Christmas Bird count this year saw a total of 61 species.  The Christmas Bird count includes open water which usually results in the highest number of species seen and lower elevation lands that provides habitat for more types of birds.

Feeding birds in the winter is an enjoyable and fascinating hobby. I’ve never had a resident pair of crows consistently feed at my feeders and have never had a large flock of robins at my feeders in the winter. I learned this winter I was calling a black-capped chickadee a mountain chickadee.

Lewis Woodpecker

Come by the store and I will help you get started with feeding the winter birds, selecting the right bird feeders and I will help you identify the birds you are seeing.


Blackbird, Redwing
Chicadee, Mountain
Chickadee, black capped
Crow, American
Dove, Eurasioan Collared
Dove, Mourning
Finch, Cassin’s
Finch, House
Flicker, Northern
Goldfinch, American
Grosbeak, Evening
Jay, Scrub
Jay, Steller
Junco, Dark-eyed
Magpie, Black-billed
Nutatch, red-breasted
Nutatch, white-breasted
Siskin, Pine
Sparrow, House
Starling, European
Titmouse, Tufted
Towhee, Spotted
Woodpecker, Lewis
Woodpecker, Downy
Woodpecker, Hairy




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