Why Don’t I See Any Birds At My Bird Feeder?

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Early spring when the Neotropical migrating birds like Bluebirds, Warblers, Vultures and more are returning to Pagosa Springs they are starving from their long flight from the south; sometimes from as far as South America.

Western Bluebird and mealworm feeder

These birds will flock at your feeders emptying them daily.  Once it warms up and the landscape starts to turn green those birds seem to be absent from your feeders. That is because the mating season has finished and the birds are sitting on their eggs.  Being quite and not conspicuous on their nests is a survival strategy.  Common birds like the Black-Billed Mockingbird will eat the eggs and young of many of these birds. The forest is starting to provide insects and other sources of food. Another reason the birds are not feeding at your feeders.

Once summer is in full swing birds will feed at your feeder but will forage for food in your lawn, park like areas and the forest.  In the summer migrating birds do a full molt which means they shed the feathers they came north with so they will have the highest quality, not damaged feathers to migrate south again.

Copper bird bath

By fall there is plenty of wild seeds on the forest but birds will return to your feeders in large quantities.  Many need to eat enough to make their long migration to their winter habitat. Your feeding them will not discourage them from leaving.  The combination of the cold, shorter days and lack of  food on the forest is the signal to leave.


American Goldfinch



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