Which Cat Litter Should I Use?

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There are many types of cat litter one can use: wheat, walnut shells, clumping, corn, wood pellets and the very inexpensive type that neither clumps nor helps with the smell.

Some cats are allergic to several types of cat litter.  Many who have a cat that is use Sweetscoop, a wheat based cat litter.  I prefer the clumping type by Dr. Elsey’s. Precious cat litter. Because it clumps it’s easy to clean out and does a good job of masking the smell. Many like the walnut shell by Blue Buffalo.  Some dogs like the taste of the walnut shell and will eat it. Corn is the bases of the product World Best Cat Litter and absorbs well. Some use wood stove pellets and like that is absorbs by expanding when wet.

Veterinarians recommend not using scented cat litter. It can make them sick. Dust is another consideration and the less expensive cat litter is dusty. Dust is not healthy either. Higher quality litters are not.

Dr. Elsey makes a cat litter product called attract that you add to the cat litter you use to encourage a cat to use the litter box.  There are many reasons a cat will stop using the cat box. Keeping your cat litter box clean helps prevent cats from choosing not to use the box because they do not want to get into it. Female cats can get a bladder infection and it upsets their litter box routine.  The more cats you have the less they are willing to use the same litter box.  Using more than one litter box can fix the problem. If you are having a litter box problem with your cat come talk to us and we’ll see if we can uncover why.

Blue cat litter

Precious cat litter

World's Best Cat Litter

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