What is Nyjer Wild Bird Seed?

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Nyjer bird seed is from a annual, yellow flowering herb grown in Asia and Africa.  The Nyjer seed often called a thistle which is considered a noxious weed in Colorado.  It is not and is much loved by finches.  It is a very fine seed with a shell that does not work well in a common wild bird feeders; the nyjer seed will simple fall out emptying your feeder.

Goldfinch feeder

Because of it’s small size a thistle feeder needs to be used.  This type of feeder has  very small openings.  Often these feeders are “upside down” feeders which American Goldfinch love to feed from.  The upside down nature of the feeder prevents big birds from eating the seed and emptying your feeder. Many other small birds will eat the nyjer seed as well. Nyjer seeds are high in calories and oil content making it a great seed for wintering birds that need to eat enough each day to survive the winter night. You can start out inexpensively with a nyjer sock for $5.00.  We have them in the store.

A Goldfinch

When feeding nyjer bird seed or any other bird seed let your feeders empty and give the birds a few days to clean up under them.  This will save your grass below from being damaged from a load of bird seed sitting on top of  it and prevent the seed from molding which can make the birds sick who eat it.


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