What Dog Food is Best?

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Best depends on the dog.  All dogs should be fed a dog food that does not have meat by-products. Those parts of the animal humans do not eat, like beaks, feathers and more.  Corn, soy, wheat, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and other fillers like wood pulp do not add to the quality of nutrition but can cause weight gain.

Dogs fed dog food without fillers digest more of their food and their stools are much smaller. Grocery store dog food is inexpensive because it’s loaded with fillers and that make it cheap to sell.  Our customers will tell you that you have 2 choices: feed good quality food or spend more with your vet.  That has been our experience with our own dogs. Read your dog food bag label.  Is the first ingredient a meat source? If not, whatever is the first ingredient is what the majority of what is in that bag. Dogs need meat.


Blue ingredient label

We recommend that puppies be fed a puppy food because they only get one chance to grow Blue Puppyproperly.  Puppy food is formulated for their growing body insuring they develop correctly.  We suggest that puppies that will be over 60 pounds as an adult dog should be fed puppy food for for 1 ½ years. Puppies that will be over 100 pounds as an adult should be fed puppy food for 2 years. Any puppy that will be over 60 pound as an adult would benefit greatly from a large breed puppy food.  These types of foods insure slow growth.  Large and giant breed puppies that are fed too much protein and fat develop too fast and can have serious health problems as an adult.  Growth problems with bones, tendons, joints and nerves can happen. Controlled growth is needed for large dogs. Consult your veterinarian and find out what he or she recommends. Blue Buffalo makes a high quality line of dog food including food for large dogs and puppies.


Adult dogs need less protein and fat then puppies unless the dog is a working dog.  Dogs weighting over 60 pounds should start on a Senior dog food around the age of 6, dogs under 60 pounds should start around 8 years of age. Fromm senior

As a dog grows older their digestive system does not work as well and the lower protein/fat in a senior dog food helps extend the life of those organs. Fromm makes a quality senior dog food that is reasonably priced.



Dogs with allergies or sensitive stomach do better on dog food with limited ingredients.  Natural Balance limited ingredient dog food would be our first pick and their sweet potato and fish formula has helped our customer’s dogs with food allergies for years.

Natural Balance Fish

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