What Cat Food Is The Best?

Posted on by Pagosa Feed and Nursery

Cats, in general are very particular with what they eat. Most of our customers struggle to find a food their cat likes. In general we tell them when you do find something your cat likes stick with it. Cats are an obligate carnivore which means they must have meat to thrive. Read your cat food label to insure the 1st ingredient is meat.  Taste of the Wild makes a very popular cat food as well as Merrick. TOW Merrick Both the Taste of the Wild and Merrick are grain free and a good choice for cats. Just like dogs, kittens should be fed kitten food and senior’s senior cat food.  We have several brands for each.

Our local veterinarians often mention the need to feed wet cat food to cats.  Cats in general do not drink enough water.  I and others feed wet once a day to our cats and we watered it down so the cat gets even more water.  BFF cansCats love wet food and we have many good brands and flavor.  Some cats like fish and not meat and others are the opposite.  One needs to do some testing to figure out what your cat likes and will eat.



Many cats really like catnip.  We sell it as a treat, in toys and packaged.  Just about all cats will play with cat toys.  We have many and some are favorites.  The catnip stuffed fish are our biggest selling cat toy with the crinkle ball next.kong catnip

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