The Bluebirds Are Back!

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Mountain and Western Bluebirds are returning for the summer.  Why so early?  Bluebirds are a neo-tropical migrating songbird and return to our mountains when there is food like insects available.  It may still be winter but with the warm days insects will emerge and spend our cold nights burrowing deep into pine needles, old hay and anything else that will insulate them for the night. Bluebirds on post

Bluebirds prefer open areas, like meadows and pastures.  They winter over in southern Mexico and are one of the first migrating birds to return.  They are here!

Females choose the male based on the best location for a nest not because of his color, song or mating performance. The male feeds the female throughout incubation and brooding. They will have 4 to 6 eggs and often 2 broods a summer!

Bluebird house, front opening


You can tell the difference between the Mountain and Western Bluebirds. The Western Bluebird has rust color on its chest and the Mountain Bluebird is all blue. Both do well in nest boxes.  Bluebirds will return to the same box year after year. Both will use nest boxes specifically designed for their needs.  Always mount their bird houses facing east. We have assembled bluebird houses ready for you to purchase and kits you put together. Many of us have Bluebird trails on our property which is a row of bluebird houses. Bluebird trails help ensure a healthy number of new bluebirds every year.

Bluebirds love dried mealworms.  They provide high energy and protein for the mom and chicks and can be feed with a Bluebird mealworm feeder.  We have both.

Bluebird mealworm feeder

Dried Mealworms

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