Store dog Toby Compton speaks

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DSC_0134Hi, I am a Cairn terrier cross probably with a Chihuahua (I have crooked front legs and a curly tail like my buddy Bobby who is a full Chihuahua.)  As you know we are commonly called Terrors.  I am true to my breed.  When my mom calls me I just look but don’t come.  When all the other dogs go outside I always turn around in the doorway and try and bite them all holding up any forward movement.  I am highly opinionated and bark every chance I get.  Of course I am always asked to STOP BARKING! but I don’t.

I spend some of my days at Pagosa Feed and make sure everything is running smoothly.  I greet customers and check out all the smells.  I don’t eat anything in the store! You don’t believe me do you!  There’s plenty of stuff to eat but I have to be restraint……  it’s the only time I am. I know my mom will never, ever take me back to work at Pagosa Feed if I do.

Toby Compton

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