Roses and VinesRoses and Vines

The right rose can thrive here and we have many varieties to choose from. Some are heavy bloomers, some climb and others are shrub form. The most successful type of rose for our growing climate is a shrub rose. Floribunda and Hybrid Tea roses just won’t survive here. We are too high and too cold in the winter for them. We also have flowering climbing vines that do well and flower in the summer as well as the ever showy Virginia Creeper vine that is fire red in the fall.

Rose Highlight

austrian copper rose nurseryAustrian Copper Rose, hardy to 8500 feet with beautiful orange and yellow blooms on the same shrub. The Austrian Copper Rose is a five foot rose that will give you a prolific bloom in June and then smaller shows of color throughout the summer.


Vine Highlight

virginia creeper nurseryVirginia Creeper, (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) is a hardy, beautiful vine who’s leaves turn red in the fall. You can see a large Virginia creeper growing on one of the Trellis posts over the annuals in our garden center. Perfect for climbing a fence, trellis, or the side of your home to create visual screen. Virginia Creeper is very adaptable in sun or shade conditions.

Also availableEasy elegance rose, rosea rugosa rose, Sensation rose, Austrian Copper Rose, Persian Yellow Rose, Woodsii Rose, Hansa Rose, Knock Out Rose, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper