Trees Multi-stem Flame Maple (Acer Ginala) grows to 25 feet and has stunning, bright, eye stopping flame red leaves in the fall.  They make a great focal point in your yard, work well as a visual barrier or filling in an area that needs something spectacular.


canada red chokecherryCanada Red Chokecherry (Prunus Virginiana, Schubert)  25 feet tall by 15 feet wide.  An extremely hardy plant that can be grown in tree or multi stem form.  The foliage is a beautiful deep purple burgundy when it matures.  It leafs out green but as the leaves mature, their dark color is a nice accent to all green foliage in your landscape.  In the spring they display a droopy white bloom with a very sweet fragrance.


common purple lilacLilac (Syringa Vulgaris) Old fashion shrub that displays fragrant clustering blooms in late spring.  Lilacs require part sun to produce blooms.  Once established lilacs have low water needs and are a deer resistant shrub.  Excellent planted near a deck or window so you can enjoy the fragrance of their blooms.


russian sage nurseryRussian Sage (Perovskia Atriplicifolia) is a beautiful, extremely hardy perennial that is shrub like in form and size. It does well in poor soil, all day sun and is semi-drought tolerant once established. Spikes of grayish lavender flowers open up by July 4th and stay blooming until frost. They are a gardener’s favorite. We will have over 400 for you to choose from.


peony nurseryPeonies (Paeonia) – Gorgeous flower, hardy, can handle full sun, classic flower garden perennial and excellent cut flower.




calibrachoa nurseryCalibrachoa – Also known as Millions of Bells or Callis are a great alternative to Petunias for annual flower pots.  While Petunias require constant dead-heading, Callis do not.  Just a quick shaking of the pot will remove spent blooms making room for new ones. Callis need at least 6 hours of warm sun and in return will give you colorful & vibrant blooms all summer.


Economy grass/ wildflower mix-A nice mix of native meadow grass with high elevation wildflowers.  The mix is 75% grass and 25% flowers.  This ratio of grass to flowers really gives this mix a very natural look.  Best seeding time is just before the first snowfall that will stay for the winter.  Prepare your soil in the fall and then let Mother Nature do the rest.