pinesiskinWild bird watching is one of the most popular forms of wildlife watching because you can do it from your living room window!

Why do we bird watch? Because birds are interesting, beautiful, inspiring and fascinating.  You can use a bird identification book and immediately figure out what you are looking at.  You can entice them to stay longer by offering bird seed, water and houses.

We sell bird feeders, bird houses, hummingbird feeders, suet holders, thistle feeders, platforms, squirrel proof feeders and feeders for squirrels.

bigtopfeeder caged_feeder cylindrical_feeder

We carry 10 types of seed mixes to put in your bird feeders.  Those include black oil sunflower seed, Ranch-Way Little Wings, Wild Delight Nut & Berry, Fruit & Berry seed mixes, Wild Delight Patio & Porch mix with no shells.  Peanuts and pumpkin seeds for the squirrels and jays. Njyer seed for the small birds.  We have suet and the cages the suet fits in.


Feeding  wild birds is an enjoyable pastime. One simple bird feeder filled with black oil sunflower seeds will interest a wide range of birds. In the winter that might include the Chickadee,  Steller’s Jay, Western Scrub Jay, American Crow, Nuthatches, Pine Siskin and Rosy Finches.  For a complete list of our resident birds that stay the winter go to our  Weminuche Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count list for the complete list of all the birds that stay here year round.


hummingbird In the spring the migratory birds return! The Bluebirds return in February. We will see Orioles, 3 types of hummingbirds, American Goldfinches, Mountain and Western Bluebirds and more.  We also see birds that stop on their way in the spring going to more northern habitats. Some of our staff have been  board members of the local Audubon group the Weimunche Audubon and started the first local Audubon Christmas bird count.  We know our local birds and can help.