3-Chickens-(AlexandBackyard chickens are fun, entertaining and enjoyable. We carry all the feed and supplements you will need to keep your chickens laying eggs.  We stock  hen scratch, 16% layer complete , 20% layer,  chick starter and grower. These feeds are available in both conventional as well as certified organic.  We also stock grit and oyster shell for healthy chickens and eggs.  We have coop lights to extend the days in the winter and keep your chickens warm so they will continue to lay eggs. We carry a Ranch-Way poultry block to keep your chickens busy. We also stock turkey starter and grower.


omega-ultra-eggTo provide additional omegas for you chicken we stock the Omega Fields Ultra Egg, a omega-3 supplements to promote Omega-3 enriched eggs to support strong shells and brilliant plumage.



If you’ve wanted chickens and don’t know quite where to start, we can help. If you would like ducks, game birds or specialty fowl, we can get the right feed for them.

Chicken-with-jacket-e1393341232843We also keep in stock a large selection of different sizes of chicken feeders, waterers and heater bases.

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