Many of the professionals in our pet and livestock community shop at Pagosa Feed.  We would like to thank them for the work they do to help our pets and animals.

HSPSlogo_white_mod1As owners of many adopted pets we all at Pagosa Feed appreciate the work our Humane Society of Pagosa Springs does.  The Humane Society provides a clean, warm, safe place for those dogs and cats that have lost their homes.  We always have adoptable cats or kittens at our store and enjoy providing our location for adopt-a-thons.  You can help support the Humane Society by walking dogs, playing with the cats, shopping and donating at their thrift store, attending one of their several fundraising events or just donate some cash.  Your help will be much appreciated!


Dr_H_webDr. Hooton – is a large and small animal veterinarian, veterinarian to the US Endurance Team and now sits on the FEI Veterinary Committee.  Dr. Hooton’s low key, low cost, non-invasive approach has helped dogs, cat, horses and many farm animal throughout our county. www. 970-731-6400


Dr. Polly – is a mobile small animal veterinarian. Her approach to medicine is high nutrition first so the dog or cat’s own body can lead the effort back to health.  She drops off patient prescription at our store for easy pick up.  She takes care of our dogs and cats.  970-731-2900


kitzelDr. Kitzel Farrah – is a 3rd generation local who’s outstanding medicine and full service hospital has saved and helped countless pets. Her children have participated in 4H for years and Dr. Kitzel has tons of experience to share. 970-264-2629


brendaBrenda Decker owner of Waggin Tails Pet Grooming has been grooming dogs for 27  years.  Whether your dog has spent the day in the back country and came back a mess or he’s off to the show ring, Brenda knows how to make your dog look great.970-731-3647



jenniferAnimal Communicator, Jennifer Martin has been helping pets and their owners all her life. Offering animal communication sessions as well as re connective healing sessions for you and your animal companion.  Animals hold an important place in our lives and what they have to say is always revealing and often amazing.  970-264-9358



Kelli Day is a horse trainer, riding instructor and gifted horse woman who started riding with her mom as a baby in her mom’s saddlebag . Kelli’s goal is to create respect, confidence and harmony between horse and rider.  She not technique driven but rather assesses you, your horse and the relationship you have with your horse and starts from there. 4 Bar Equine Training 970-749-4392


about-marnieMarnie George, our local dog trainer, has worked hard to help dogs with minor hiccups to major behavioral problems. Her mission is to educate, support and re-train people. If you don’t know how to do it, how will you train your dog to do so?  Marine has saved many dogs lives by fixing their problems and helping their owners. She always has dogs that need homes living with her. She trains them daily until she finds a home for them.  Want a great dog?  Adopt one from Marnie. Go to or call 970-903-9966


Backpack tripPagosa Feed has supported the San Juan Chapter of the Backcountry Horseman, our local horseback riding group since their inception. We believe they do an outstanding job maintaining trails, working with the Forest Service and providing group rides for anyone. Our wild mountains are a great place to ride and this organization knows where to go.  The San Juan Chapter has monthly informational meetings in the winter, a great start of the riding season with a yearly trail ride/BBQ and a fall group ride. This is an active group with many seasoned and talented riders.  They would love to hear from you.