Feeding Wild Birds

Posted on by Pagosa Feed and Nursery

Little-WingsA great way to enjoy wild birds is to feed them outside your windows.  Hang a bird feeder and keep the feeder full.  You will have a wide variety of birds visiting your feeder; some homeowners have up to 37 different species.

Sunflower seeds are the easiest to feed.  Be sure to purchase a bird feeder that has holes large enough to accommodate sunflower seeds.  All sizes and types of birds love them.  There are many styles, colors and types of feeders that will work.

You can also feed a mixture of wild bird seeds like Ranch-Way’s Little Wings that will attract a wild range of small and large birds.  Keep in mind that wild birds are one of nature’s most important seed dispersers in our landscape.  That means they will scatter your bird seed continuously. Come see our full line of bird feeders and a variety of wild bird seed at Pagosa Feed.

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