Feeding Canned Dog and Cat Food

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Many feed their dogs and cats canned food. We sell many brands and flavors. One of the most popular is the Merrick line of canned grain free dog food including Cowboy Cookout, Grammy’s Pot Pie and Wingaling. The names of their dog food flavors capture the interest of the dog owner and that helps with getting the cans home to the dogs!

Cowboy cookoutWingaling

Canned food provides more protein than kibble and fewer carbohydrates. The air tight container doesn’t allow any type of spoilage.  With cans, meat is closer to its original state providing more nutrition. The moisture content makes a dog feel fuller than kibble.  The notion that kibble helps keep the teeth clean making kibble important to feed doesn’t have a scientific base. Most of our customers feed canned cat and dog food as a topper on their kibble.  Kibble is convenient, easy to store and quick to feed.

When our dogs or cats are sick, they often lose their appetite.  We have some very stinky canned dog food called Trippet that has help many dogs get their appetite back.  Dog owners don’t care for the smell but appreciate that it helps get their dogs eating again. tripett


Wellness chicken cat food has helped many cats to get their appetite back.

Wellness cat chicken




Older dogs often lose the appetite as well.  Older dogs are unclear what is going on and their ability to see, smell and hearing is diminished.  If they can’t smell their food they are hesitant to eat it.  Dogs smell sensors are 10,000 to 100,000 more acute then ours. Humans have 9,000 taste buds on our tongue; dogs only have 1,700 taste buds.  If a dog cannot smell what he or she is about to eat, their sense of taste is not going to help make sure the food is safe.  Try a few cans of dog food for your older dog when he or she loses their appetite. It works!

Feeding canned cat food and adding water to make it like soup is very popular with cats.  You encourage more fluid intake which is always healthy for cats. In the wild cats derive moisture from their kill.  Domestic cats regularly do not drink enough water and do not get enough from dry cat food.

We would welcome sharing our knowledge and the experiences of our customers when considering purchasing dog and cat canned foods.

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