Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

Posted on by Pagosa Feed and Nursery

Do cats and dogs need regular dental care?  Yes, they do.  Their teeth experience the same problems as ours. Loose teeth, baby teeth that do not fall out, gum disease and cavities are some of the problems dogs and cats can have over their lifetime. One difference is that the tarter on a cat or dog tooth can be chipped off.  An infected tooth or gums left untreated in a dog can become an infection in the heart. A bad smelling breath can be a sign of problems with teeth or gums. Of course good quality food helps considerably. Crunchy foods, treats and chew toys can help. We have 6 different types of dental treats for dogs. They are made especially to stimulate the gums and help pull the tarter off the teeth.  Their ingredients’ are very different from other types of dog treat. Antlers, frozen bones and dental toys are also a good choice.Indigenous dental bones

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