Choosing The Right Bird House

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Early spring is a good time to put up bird houses which are called nest boxes before the birds are ready to start building their nests.

Bluebirds on house

Not all birds nest in boxes and rear their birds in a house.  Common birds that do use bird houses are chickadees, titmice, bluebirds, woodpeckers and wrens. Each type of bird requires a specific size next box and the right size entrance hole.  All next boxes need holes for proper drainage and ventilation, a extended sloped roof to keep out rain and a hole baffle to keep out raccoons, house cats and other predators that will steal the eggs and chicks.  You will want a nest box that is easy to mount and access.  A nest box you can open from the front or side makes cleaning easy. Nest boxes should be emptied every winter and brushed out to remove everything in the box.

Side opening bluebird house

Each bird species has its own requirements as to where you should place the nest box and what direction. Mountain and Western Bluebirds prefer nest boxes in big open areas facing east.  Robins prefer a nest shelf with no front wall at all.



Robin nest box





Nest boxes should not be painted or stained. Use untreated wood with rough interior walls so the fledglings can climb out. Don’t put a outside perch on the nest box so predators don’t have something to hang on to.  Do not clean your box with anything other than a stiff brush.  Do so at the start of the winter.  The cold over the winter will kill any bugs that are living in the box.  Wren nestbox

We have bird nest boxes and nest box kits you can put together. We also have nest material birds can use to build their nests. Bird nesting material

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