A Well Behaved Dog

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What does a well behaved dog look like? These are the habits I train for and expect from my dogs.  Not rushing through the door, sitting quietly to be fed, not bullying each other or trying to steal each other’s food.  Not begging when I eat. Behaving around other dogs and people.  Not pulling on the leash, not running away when off leash and coming when I call them. I don’t let my dogs run past me on the stairs, nor bark incessantly and I expect them listen to me when I am asking them something. They are not allowed on my furniture or bed unless invited.  I practice all of this with my 5 dogs every day.  I am the leader of my pack of dogs and every day that leadership is tested by them. They get the same answer from me every time.  You too can have dogs that are well behaved.  There are some very web accessible training programs and these are three I use.

Cesar Millan is an outstanding trainer in California, has his own TV show and many training videos.  He’s known as the “Dog Whisperer”, and for good reason. I have been following his training and using it for many years.  He trains dog owners to be calm and assertive and their dogs to be calm and submissive. Just like the lead dog manages the pack. Dogs use energy to communicate and their bodies as a form of non verbal communication. Many dog owners have real aggression problems when their dogs are on a leash. Cesar has fixed many of these problems not by fixing the dog but teaching the owner where the dog should walk (at your side) and not having a tight grip on the leash which sends a message down the leash to be on alert. Watch his shows and video and read his books. His expansive amount of knowledge Cesarin dogs and ability to teach is very effective. http://www.cesarsway.com  We have many training tools in the store.  Some are no-pull Halti head collars, no-pull harnesses, Starmark Pro training collar, 15′, 20′, 30′ and 50′ training leads and whistles.

Karen Pryor

Karen Pryor is a national dog trainer that has made clicker training with dogs a tool used nationwide.  Clicking the “clicker” creates a sound that tells the dog he or she did something right.

You teach your dog that when he or she hears the click they will get a treat.  The click/treat reinforces that they just did the right thing.  It works!  We sell clickers, treat bags and training treats. Many dogs are more responsive to toys as a reward instead of treats – we have many durable toys that can be used.

Another training method I’ve just started studying is BAT, Behavior Adjustment Training.  BAT is a training method for dogs who experience fear, frustration, and aggressionBAT was developed by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA.  The method is similar to the Pat Parelli, natural horsemanship training of “approach and retreat” when your horse is scared of something. BAT book Not pushing your dog or horse through a threshold of fear is the basis of both humane methods of helping an animal be more brave, trust your leadership and overcome fears that can cause serious problems. BAT flowchart

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