2nd Boot Camp Dog Rescue Adoption Day

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Pagosa Feed is hosting its 2nd adoption day with Marnie George and her Boot Camp Dog Rescue.  Marnie is our local Pagosa Springs dog trainer who rescues dogs from around the region. Dogs who’s time is up.  She has them live in her home and  provides daily training for each dog. She socializes the dogs with other dogs, cats and kids.  All dogs are house trained and have manners at mealtime and with visitors.  There is no adoption fee, all dogs have been spayed or neutered and are current with their vaccinations.

Marnie has started a new group called  Kids 4 Pitbulls to educate our community that pitbulls can make great family pets. There are many families that have Pits and some visit the store.  They are nice, well behavior and wonderful family dogs.  Marnie has a Pit ready for adoption that she describes at the BEST PITBULL IN PAGOSA SPRINGS!  Meet Titan the pit at the adoption event.


The goal of Kids 4 Pitbulls is to provide positive pit bull training, taking them to therapy dog or service dog level or just as incredible family pets.



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