2014 Weminuche Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count Summary

Posted on by Pagosa Feed and Nursery


The Weminuche Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count ended up with a total of 61 species and 5,247 individual birds! 52 volunteers spent a total of 57 hours and drove 394 miles within the 15 mile count circle looking for and recording the birds they saw on December 14th. This was the Audubon’s 115th count and the local Audubon’s 5th.  The American Coot won with a count of 816 birds seen.  The birds with only a single sightings included Great Blue Heron, Northern Harrier (seen by Pagosa Feed staffer Beverly Compton), Killdeer, Red-Breasted Nuthatch and a Mountain Bluebird.  The day was cold, cloudy and nasty, birding seemed dismal but the numbers proved otherwise.

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