1st Truck Load of Trees for 2015

Posted on by Pagosa Feed and Nursery

Pagosa Nursery received its first delivery of Aspens, multi stem Ash and multi stem Lilacs yesterday.  We are using a new tree supplier and the trees look great! A full range of sizes in aspens were delivered along with 15 gal common purple lilacs that are full and thick.  We have them delivered early so they wake up at our altitude giving them a better chance of thriving.

1st aspens

Fall Aspen trees & road




Aspens are the Colorado state tree and grace the mountainsides throughout western Colorado. Their leaves turn a beautiful golden color in the fall and the bare tree is quite beautiful to look at in the winter. They look exceptional standing alone or with blue spruce and maple trees. A much wanted tree; we will have plenty of them this summer.

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